Automotive repair services at North Smithfield Automotive Center

Quality Auto Repair & Vehicle Maintenance Services

At North Smithfield Automotive Center, we have your vehicle service needs covered. Call us for auto electrical repairs, A/C and heating, front-end work, suspension problems, engine performance issues, brakes, steering, fabrication, and more! We have a new front-end alignment machine, and we’re always investing in new equipment and training to stay at the forefront of automotive technology. For preventive maintenance, we offer BG Services with the BG Lifetime Protection Plan.

Our Auto Repair & Vehicle Maintenance Services

  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Alternators
  • Auto A/C Repair & Service
  • Auto Diagnostics
  • Auto Electrical Systems
  • Batteries
  • BG Services
  • Brake Inspections
  • Brake Repair & Service
  • Check Engine Light
  • Clutch Repair & Replacement
  • Coolant / Antifreeze Change
  • CV Joints
  • Diesel Pick-up Repair
  • Differentials & Axles
  • DOT Inspections
  • Drive Axles
  • Emission System Repairs
  • Exhaust / Muffler Repair
  • Fluid Flushes
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Front-End Work
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • Fuel Injection Cleaning
  • Heating Systems
  • Heavy-Duty Inspections
  • Oil Change / Lube Service
  • Performance Tune-ups
  • Power Doors & Windows
  • Radiator Repair & Service
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Starters
  • Steering
  • Suspension Systems
  • Transfer Cases
  • Tune-ups
  • U-Joints
  • Water Pumps
  • Wheel / Tire Alignment
  • Wheel Balance
  • Tires & Four-Wheel Alignments
  • State Inspections
  • Brakes & Front-end Work
  • Heating & A/C Repair & Service
  • Timing Belt Replacement

More On Our Services

  • Tires & Four-Wheel Alignments

    Tires & Four-Wheel Alignments

    Properly maintained tires are critical to the safety and operability of your vehicle. At North Smithfield Automotive Center, we can help you select the right tires for your needs and budget, and we also inspect, rotate, and repair tires, so you get the most from your tire investment. If you’re experiencing vibrations, pulling, uneven tire wear, or poor fuel economy, you may need a wheel alignment, and we can help with that, too. Our alignment techs can get your car or truck straightened out and running smoothly.

  • State Inspections

    State Inspections

    In Rhode Island, you must pass a Safety and Emissions Inspection within five days of registering your vehicle. Our shop is a licensed Rhode Island State Inspection Station ready to perform your inspection, as well as any necessary services to ensure your inspection goes smoothly. If you fail to have your vehicle inspected, you will be fined, and/or you won’t be allowed to renew your registration, so don’t wait if you’ve recently purchased a vehicle. We also perform heavy-duty inspections up to 15,000 pounds.

  • Brakes & Front-end Work

    Brakes & Front-end Work

    Modern vehicles benefit from more precise front-end components than in the past, which means front-end parts have become increasingly critical for your car’s overall performance. If you’re experiencing a shaky, rough ride, your struts or shocks could be the problem, or you may need another type of suspension repair. Likewise, properly functioning brakes are crucial. Our mechanics are trained in servicing all brake systems and all accompanying brake system components, such as brake pads, brake shoes, parking brakes, and rotors.

  • Heating & A/C Repair & Service

    Heating & A/C Repair & Service

    Your HVAC system’s ability to properly heat and cool your vehicle is central to your comfort, and in some situations, your safety. Our technicians can diagnose and fix all types of heating and A/C problems, including improper air temperature, low or no vent air flow, smells, windshield fogging, noises, and overheating. Whether you need a simple recharge or attention to your compressor, receiver, condenser, hoses, or electronic climate control units, we’ll get you back on the road in a comfortable vehicle fast.

  • Timing Belt Replacement

    Timing Belt Replacement

    If your timing belt fails, so does your engine, and your car shuts down. So, when a reputable mechanic tells you that you need a new timing belt, you’d be wise to listen. However, there aren’t many obvious signs a timing belt is ready to break, which is why many drivers get a timing belt replacement as a preventive maintenance service. Let us know how long you’ve owned your car, and whether you’ve ever had the timing belt replaced, and we’ll let you know—honestly—if it’s time for a new timing belt.

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