Suspension System Specialization

Our auto repair shop specializes in preventative maintenance and full service repairs. Our technicians are skilled in the inspection and diagnostics of all vehicle systems, including the suspension system. Over time, your car’s suspension system will decline, and when it does, it is important to be able to recognize the signs and bring your car to us right away.

Your car’s job is to ensure that you get to your destination. Let our shop ensure that your car is able to get you there safely. Proper routine maintenance checks are one way to help keep your car functioning properly. The suspension system is just one part of your car that we will check during preventative maintenance, as the suspension plays an essential role in your car’s performance. The suspension controls the amount of friction placed on your car from the road, ensuring a smooth ride and steering stability. 

How Auto Suspension System Work

Without a suspension system, your car would be unbalanced and unstable. This is because the suspension system is responsible for connecting your car’s body to the wheels. It also supports the entire weight of your car. The suspension system is complex, with many moving parts that help keep your ride smooth. There are six fundamental elements that work together to give you a smooth ride. These elements are your car’s springs, shock absorbers, struts, roll bars, ball joints, and spindles.

Signs of Suspension System Failure

·     Drifting or pulling during turns

·     Dipping when coming to a stop

·     Uneven tire treads

·     Swaying

·     Bouncing

·     Difficulty steering

·     Feeling every bump in the road

Reasons Suspension Maintenance and Repair is Necessary

If you are experiencing any signs of suspension failure, it is time for a diagnostic test and suspension examination. Our skilled technicians will determine the root of the problem and recommend the needed repair. Regularly scheduled maintenance can help identify and determine any issues with your car’s suspension system. Keep in mind that if one part of the suspension system fails, the rest are likely to follow. This is why it is important to keep up with regular maintenance in order to avoid further damage and repairs down the road.

Our team of technicians are seasoned auto repair professionals who want your car to function safely and properly. By inspecting and repairing your suspension system, we can help provide you and your passengers with a smooth and comfortable ride! Call us today to schedule an appointment.